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Some of our many Success Stories
"Millions of people on BP medication should know about MuktaVati , NO dry cough and NO heart burn, and a great calm feeling. I am 68 years old and most of my life my blood pressure has been around 170 over 100. Every western prescription and herb not only made me feel bad but raised my pulse to 77--80. Normally my pulse is 65. I just started taking MuktaVati and triphala. I find only 1 triphala is all I need per day. MuktaVati seems very powerful because only 1 pill puts me at 150 over 85, which is where I feel best. This is the only medication that made my pulse go down to 56. This medication seems to work with my heart not against it. "
- Mr. Steven K., USA
My high Blood Pressure was detected at a medical for Life Insurance, I was told to go to my doctor immediately. I had to go every week for a BP check, it was around 180/105 (resting) and the doctor wanted me to go on medication. I purchased a personal electronic BP monitor to take my own readings, and searched the internet for a natural remedy and came across MuktaVati over a year ago. 18 Months ago I started on 2 tablets twice a day, and my BP came down to 145/85 (resting), now I only need to take 1 tablet twice a day. I generally feel less stressed and tired, I sleep soundly. I have never felt any side affects and will continue with MuktaVati , which is a better option than being on Prescription Medicine.
Mr. Richard N., England
“I just wanted to say that my blood pressure readings were normally anywhere from 175/90 to 175/110. Now my readings after taking MuktaVati for the past 4 months are average of 145/80 to 140/80. As you can see I'm happy with the results and hoping to see come down further.”
Ms N. L., Canada


You know, personally, the agony of hypertension, anxiety and insomnia. In fact, you know better than anyone else the symptoms caused by these of these powerfully destructive diseases.
  • Pounding, Irregular heartbeats -- the ones that feel like a heart attack is a beat away!
  • Exhaustive stress and anxiety - the kind that puts you in that tortured, "endless loop" of worrying!
  • Chronic fatigue - the kind that prevents you from truly enjoying your life to the fullest!
  • Violent headaches - the ones with so much pain that you wish you never woke up!
  • Extreme Sensitivity to Light - the kind that makes simple things, like driving or even walking outside to be a terrifying ordeal!

.and the terrifying list goes on..and on..and on..!!!

Truly my friend, you don't need me or anyone else to describe the sheer agony of hypertension, anxiety and insomnia. It's something you know all to well -- because you, or someone you care about, suffers from these diseases and symptoms.every day.every night.

And here's something else you know perfectly well: pharmaceutical "pills" simply don't get the job done! At most, they provide VERY temporary symptom relief -- maybe a few hours. And, of course, there are the severe side effects that can actually do more harm than good!

But...while you already know so much about the suffering caused by these diseases, there’s something you don’t know -- there’s a solution: MuktaVati!
MuktaVati is unlike anything you’ve experienced – it’s life changing! Using a unique, time-tested, side-effect free Ayurvedic herbal remedy MuktaVati goes to the SOURCE of the problem and effectively treats hypertension, anxiety and insomnia.
And what’s the SOURCE of the problem? Simple! Ayurvedic medicine, which is thousands of years old, scientifically concludes that hypertension, anxiety and insomnia are caused by a disturbance to one of the body’s three “Doshas” – or humors. In particular, an unstable “Vata Dosha” lies at the SOURCE -- and therefore, balancing out the Vata Dosha is the clear solution!
Why wait months to experience relief and wellness? With Why wait months - even years - to experience relief and wellness? With MuktaVati you'll see results within 1 week!
MuktaVati is an all-natural herbal remedy -- and YOUR body responds brilliantly fast to this natural solution. MuktaVati simply - and effectively - helps the body RESTORE BALANCE, ACHIEVE WELLNESS, AND HEAL ITSELF! MuktaVati is made of:
Ordering YOUR Supply of MuktaVati is FAST, EASY, and AMAZINGLY INEXPENSIVE!
How inexpensive is MuktaVati? Well, before we answer that, let's look at how expensive it is for you to CONTINUE SUFFERING with your hypertension, anxiety and insomnia.
  • First, let's look at how much money you spend on drugs and other "pills" that, alas, haven't solved your problem because you're still suffering! This expense, for many people, is hundreds of dollars a month!
  • Second, let's add the money you lose because you can't produce as much at work, or at home - you can't get that promotion, out-pace your competition, or truly achieve your FULL EARNING POTENTIAL. This is money that you SHOULD BE EARNING, but CAN'T - because you're too busy suffering from hypertension, anxiety and insomnia!
  • Third, let's factor in how much money you spend to compensate for your suffering. Do you find yourself compelled to "buy things" to cheer up? Or do you find yourself unable to make clear, wise decisions because you haven't had enough sleep, or because you're always anxious? Again, you're likely spending thousands of dollars a year that you SHOULDN'T BE - and all because of your untreated suffering!

So it's safe to say - conservatively - that you're wasting thousands of dollars a year - it's more likely TENS OF THOUSANDS - because of your destructive suffering.

So with that in mind, we can ask our question again: how inexpensive is MuktaVati?